Simple Glaze or Drizzle Topping

Some of our scones come with a glaze packet, but what if you want glaze on every flavor scone?

Adding a simple glaze to your Sticky Fingers Bakeries Scones is a great way to add some more flavor and sweetness. A glaze or drizzle can be colored or flavored to your desires. Sometimes a colored drizzle makes a fun surprise for the children or great addition to a baby shower or tea party. Our orange and red drizzle for Halloween was a huge hit around here.

To make a simple drizzle you only need a few ingredients!

Here is how to make it:

½ cup powdered sugar

2tsp Milk

A Tiny splash (about 1/8tsp) flavoring of your choice.

Mix the powdered sugar and milk together. Add more milk or less until it reaches your desired thickness.

Add in the flavoring of your choice. For a plain drizzle we usually add a splash of vanilla, for Lemon drizzle we add a little lemon juice. Get creative with flavor combinations between your scone and your drizzle.

To make it a glaze instead make the mixture a little thicker with more powdered sugar or less milk and paint it on the scones.

Have any other ideas for a drizzle or glaze? Let us know! What other flavor combinations have you come up with?

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