Shine Bakehouse Baking Mixes

Shine Bakehouse Baking Mixes

Shine Bakehouse - Stirring Up Smiles!

At Custom Bakehouse, we know the demands busy families must juggle on a daily basis can be a challenge under normal circumstances. But the added challenges of the past year-plus have really put us to the test! On a positive note, many families were actually able to slow down a bit and spend less time commuting or in the school pick up lines, and more time together doing things they enjoy, like baking!

We did some baking during this time, as well, creating a new line of better-for-you baking mixes you can feel good about. Introducing Shine Bakehouse, our new line of protein-packed baking mixes made up of clean, identifiable ingredients and no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives – or that “too much protein” taste.

Our delicious Shine baking mixes are created for busy people who want to give their families the delightful experience of homemade, but need a convenient option that packs a nutritional punch.

Explore our plant-based protein breakfast, snack, and dessert products, and prepare for goodness that tastes great!

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